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Michael Fresonke plays at a gig.


Performing as a solo guitarist, Michael plays great works from the classical guitar repertoire as well as his original compositions. In many concerts he is joined by other instrumentalists including orchestral musicians, players from the 23rd Street Jazz Band and his guitar students. The result is a compelling mix that draws on a variety of traditions.

23rd Street Jazz Band

This high energy group features guitar, bass, drums, percussion and horns. Many performances add a guest vocalist as well. Building its sound around funk, Latin styles and intense swing, 23rd Street Jazz delivers performances that feel like a rock show. The band regularly appears on stage, in night clubs and in intimate settings with a smaller line up.

Special Occasions

Michael can work with you to create the perfect musical ambiance for any occasion. Recent examples include a guitar, flute, cello trio for an outdoor wedding, Spanish guitar at a private dinner party and a jazz quartet at an Oklahoma City country club. Drawing from his long list of contacts, Michael can put together the right combination of performers and repertoire to enhance your wedding, quiet dinner, open house, cocktail party, concert in the park or other special occasion.

Booking Information

To schedule a concert, an appearance by the 23rd Street Jazz Band or music for your special occasion, please contact:

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