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Accidentals in Music

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Here are a few extra rules that govern the use of accidentals in music.

Goal: Play the exercise one note at a time without a mistake.

Practice Speed: N/A.


  1. Accidentals are placed on the same line or space of the note they effect.
  2. Sharps or flats last until the <strong>measure line</strong> in the music. Notice in the example that the first G after the measure line is a
  3. A natural sign may be used to cancel the sharp or flat before the measure line.
*If you need help identifying any notes, use the Note Finder


  • Lesson 1: Practice one note at a time through the entire exercise. Notice how the accidentals work.
  • Lesson 2: Play along with the video to check your work.

Final Thoughts

Accidentals only apply to the line or space they are on. For example, if the third note of the exercise were a high "G" on string 1 fret 3, it would automatically be a regular "G"; if it was supposed to be "G sharp" then the composer would have to write a sharp on the space above the top line of the staff.

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