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Accidentals are signs placed in front of a note that slightly alter how you play that note. This exercise covers five accidentals: Sharp, flat, natural, double-sharp and double-flat.

Goal: Play each note correctly.

Practice Speed: N/A.


  1. ♯ - The sharp looks like a pound sign. It raises a note one fret.
  2. ♭ - The flat looks like a lower case
  3. Open strings that have a flat are tricky since there is no fret below them. Instead they are played in special locations. Check the chart.
  4. ♮ - This is a natural sign. It brings a note back to normal.
  5. x - The double sharp looks like an
  6. ♭♭ - The double flat looks like two flats side by side. It lowers a note two frets.
  7. When a note moves up or down, be sure to adjust your finger accordingly.
*If you need help identifying any notes, use the Note Finder


  • Lesson 1: Work one note at a time to locate and play each of the notes in the exercise. Say the note name out loud.
  • Lesson 2: Play along with the video to check your work.

Final Thoughts

Notice in the printed music the accidental comes before the note. But when you say the note out loud the accidental comes after the note.

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