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Movable Chords

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Bar chords and power chords can be moved to different locations on the guitar – the same as the A pentatonic scale. This series of exercises will help you get used to movable chords.

Goal: Play 4 different movable chords.


  1. Each chord shape is the same as one studied before.
  2. The number at the right side of the C#m chord chart tells you to start on a fret other than 1.
  3. The bar for C#m is on fret 4, even though it looks like fret 1 in the chart.
F# minor chordBb bar chord


  • Lesson 1: Work in order. Play each chord by reading the chart.
  • Lesson 2: Play along with the video to check your work.

Final Thoughts

Only four examples are shown here, but all bar and power chords can move anywhere up or down the neck. In fact any shape that does not have an open string can move anywhere on the guitar. This counts for chords, scales, and even some chord progressions you'll learn later.

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