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Bar Chords – Individual Chords

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Now try a variety of bar chords and power chords.

Goal: Learn 8 bar and power chords.


  1. Focus on a good position, not the sound.
  2. For the various "B" chords, the approach changes slightly: The bar only covers 5 strings; the "x" on string 6 means you should mute that string. Touch the tip of finger 1 to string 6 to do so. Strum all of the strings.
  3. Power chords don’t have a bar. Instead, Finger 1 makes the shape of a bar, but only pushes down string 6 or 5 (depending on the chord), then lightly touches strings with an "x" so they won’t sound. Strum all of the strings.
F majorF minorF7B minorB7 chordB major


  • Lesson 1: Work in order. Play each chord by reading the chart.
  • Lesson 2: Play along with the video to check your work.

Final Thoughts

In this exercise, the chords are presented in order from easiest to most difficult. A better practice order is shown in the Bar and Power Chord Exercise. After trying each chord here a few times, quickly move on for more effective practice.

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