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About LGC

Michael Fresonke leading a guitar class

Michael Fresonke started Learn Guitar Correctly in 2006 as a series of guitar classes in Oklahoma City, OK. Since its inception, LGC has focused on teaching students to develop a foundation of strong technique, which they can apply to any genre of music. LGC students become well-rounded guitarists with the ability to read chord charts, tablature, rhythms, and even sheet music.

LGC uses systematic pedagogy that works for anyone who is willing to practice. Each lesson breaks down songs into manageable steps that are necessary to learn it well. For rhythm guitar parts, students practice the sequence of chords, then a basic strumming pattern, and finally to strum with the song itself. For lead guitar parts and classical pieces, exercises break down the music into sections appropriate to the ability of the student. Michael has used this method to help over 100 students learn to play the guitar well, from beginners to university students.

In 2011, Michael teamed up with former student Sean Taylor, a PhD candidate in Music Theory, to make Learn Guitar Correctly available online. Michael and Sean discussed each aspect of the method to adapt it for online instruction. As a result, each lesson features the written form of the music (tab, chord chart, sheet music, etc.), clearly written step-by-step instructions, and a video of Michael or a guest guitarist playing exactly what students should practice.

Michael and Sean were especially excited to preserve the classroom student's goal of playing a concert at the end of the class. Each of the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Programs guides students through a set of songs that work well as a complete concert. Because of this, even students whose skills place them mid-way between Beginner and Intermediate, for instance, will remain challenged as they learn new music and develop their performing abilities.

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