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Beginner Program:

The Beginner Program focuses on basic guitar skills: reading chord charts, playing open position and bar chords, strumming, and basic finger picking. Students learn to play rock, folk, blues, and other songs that are easily recognized through strummed chords. Beginner students also learn some basic scales, finger picking, and improvisation. Beginner students range from those with no experience to those who change chords with a steady beat confidently.

Intermediate Program:

The Intermediate Program centers on music reading and finger picking skills. While learning short classical guitar pieces, students build a solid foundation of technique in both hands. Initial pieces teach students to recognize notes on the 1st four frets, and later ones challenge them to find notes all over the fret board. Intermediate students also learn the Beginner level songs – though in a much shorter amount of time – and need to be proficient at strumming and changing chords.

Advanced Program:

The Advanced Program challenges players to become well-rounded guitarists. Advanced students hone their finger dexterity and music reading skills. Pieces at this level are most often demanding classical Etudes (studies) and longer pieces with complex formal design. Advanced students also play Beginner songs and Intermediate pieces, developing their ability to learn easier music quickly. Advanced students should have a solid and relaxed technique and be comfortable – though not necessarily fast at – finding written notes all over the guitar.

At Learn Guitar Correctly, aspiring and experienced guitarists develop their abilities to play well by pairing repertoire and technique. Whether strumming a classic folk tune, soloing over a blues chart, or finger picking through a piece of classical guitar music, our students follow step by step instructions, which build a firm foundation for more difficult music. Students rely on a guided practice regimen that broadens their abilities while targeting the skills they need for the song or piece they're working on today.

A Full Concert in 3 Months

Patterned after Michael Fresonke's in-person guitar classes, LGC organizes the music you learn into "Concerts." If you follow our guided practice daily, you can expect to learn a full concert's worth of music, leveled to suit your experience, in 3-4 months. Or you can pace your practice to suit your own schedule. Whether you perform it for your community, family and friends, or just yourself is up to you.

Regulated Lesson Plan

Learning music so quickly can be a challenge, but you'll quickly develop confidence that our sequence of lessons is keeping you on the right path. Starting off, we direct you to a handful of exercises that teach each song one step at a time. Each lesson includes the song to learn, the instructions to master it, and a video to help you practice. After you've practiced for a few days and met each exercise's goal, we'll direct you to the next set of exercises you should master to learn the full Concert quickly and thoroughly. You can review old lessons whenever you like as well.

Technique Archive

Every student has access to our full Technique Archive, which contains the various skills that a guitarist needs to play well and with ease. Each exercise in your lesson plan will point to you one or more technique exercises in the Archive that will help you warm up before practice or build the strength and dexterity for the song you're working on. Alternatively, the variety of skills covered in the technique archive can give you a change of pace if you want to practice something different for a day or two. A student who has mastered the complete Technique Archive not only has the same skills of the majority of popular guitarists on the radio, but would also be partially prepared for a college guitar performance program

Part of our Technique Archive is free, so learn a new guitar skill today.

Lead Instructor Michael Fresonke

Michael Fresonke perfected the Learn Guitar Correctly method after helping hundreds of students - beginners to master's degree students - become capable guitarists, each with a well-founded technique. In each exercise, a video of Michael (or a guest guitarist) leads you through each instruction for learning the song. Playing along with him will help you practice, as well.

Michael has been teaching this method in guitar classes since 2006. His Oklahoma City University students have benefited from his knowledge and style since 2001.

You can find information on Michael's classes or bookings here.

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